The Peaceable Kingdom Cushions

Peaceable Kindgom Cushions Collection

The Peaceable Kingdom collection of cushions was started accidentally by artist designer Hugh Dunford Wood when he cut a lino block of his Cat for his yoga teaching daughter's birthday in 2013.

He used a left over end of a Scottish organic linen that he had been commissioned to print as drapes for four poster beds for the National Trust's Doddington Hall outside Lincoln.

The Cat design was deemed a successful enough balance between observation and design, encouraging Hugh's other children to suggest further creatures as did the grandchildren.

Now numbering 10 designs, Hugh was saved from being mauled by the demands of his menagerie by the wonderful Emily Gladstone who stepped in to bring order to the business.

Under her horse whispering powers, the Peaceable Kingdom Cushions are finding more suitable homes in Britain and abroad, and there are plans to allow more creatures in under Emily's watchful eye, rather like Noah’s wife.

If you would like to purchase cushions from the peaceable kingdom make your way over to our partner website using the link back there or this one: Peaceable Kingdom Cushions.