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Dunford Wood Designs was a small fashion business that I headed making handpainted ties, bowties & waistcoats for men throughout the 1980 and early 90s. Twenty five painters worked under my label supplying stores across the world from Paul Smith and Harrods in London to Bergdorfs and Saks in New York to Yoshi Yamamoto in Tokyo.

Now I run a small studio handprinting wallpaper of my own designs. See my handmade wallpaper.

I have made murals in factories, hospitals, restaurants and private houses.

I also make engravings and lino prints, particularly the new Collino prints that you will find in the Print section of this site.

Together these activities provide a counterbalance to the intensity of easel painting.

Technicolour Smacker

Dunford Wood - Sculpture

Air Head in Steel

Dunford Wood - Designs - Air Head in Steel

Steel Outlines

Dunford Wood - Designs

Our Lady of the Drunks

Dunford Wood - Designs - Our Lady of the Drunks

Dean Court Map

Dunford Wood - Designs - Dean Court Map

Four Ways to Kiss

Dunford Wood - Designs - Four Ways to Kiss - A Visual Manual


Dunford Wood - Designs - Hamlet

Apple Cake

Dunford Wood - Designs - Apple Cake

Steel Outline

Dunford Wood - Designs - Steel Outlines

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